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Applied Kinesiology is a unique advanced approach that allows identification of imbalances and instabilities throughout the body, using muscle testing as well as posture and gait analysis.

Weak muscles, whether from old injuries, atrophy, improper use, neurological problems, or even nutritional imbalances, always cause a pattern of tightness in other muscles, both antagonistic and synergistic, leading to pain, restricted movement and function, stress on the joints, including in the spine, a tendency to re-injury, and very often, degenerative changes (arthritis) over time.

Dr. Budavich's approach to Applied Kinesiology...

is to find the imbalances a patient has, determine the cause of those imbalances, use various techniques to fix the cause of the problem, and restore normal muscle, joint, and nerve function.

In addition to treatment at the office, the patient is totally involved in their rehabilitation, with home exercises, lifestyle modifications, and very often nutritional and dietary advice.

Everything in the body is connected to everything else, and Dr. Budavich looks at the entire patient head to toe, very often finding imbalances and old injuries that have, in many cases have gone undiagnosed for years and even decades.

Dr. Budavich has developed many procedures and exercises specific to applied kinesiology to give to patients in order to support the treatment they receive at the office and to help them gain strength, stability, and balance. These include very specific personalized exercises, as well as dietary advice and lifestyle modifications. This way, the patient is encouraged to become an active participant in furthering their own health and well-being.

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