Dr. Matthew Budavich
Dr. Matthew Budavich is a practical, holistic chiropractor serving the community of Charlotte, NC.

Meet Dr. Budavich

Dr. Matthew Budavich, DC received a bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and, following graduation, decided to volunteer with a Christian ministry where he traveled to Africa. He then pursued his dream of becoming a doctor by attending National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Chicago.

His experience includes:

  • Working alongside physical therapists in a PT clinic
  • Years of pain management helping:
  • back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines​, disc bulges, spinal stenosis, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Certified exercise specialist (CES)
  • Performance enhancement specialist (PES)
  • Published in chiropractic medical journals for research on the topics of spinal joints and chiropractic.
  • Certified to perform acupuncture in North Carolina after completing 300 hours of continuing education.
  • Completed hundreds of hours in the subject of nutrition and enjoys educating patients on the inner connections of the body when relating to stress, anxiety, brain, and intestinal health.

One of Dr. Budavich's proudest moments is when he completed 1,000 hours at Scott Air Force Base as a chiropractic intern and treated many difficult pain-related cases using battlefield protocol acupuncture.

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Charlotte Chiropractic Team
Matthew Budavich, DC with his wife Brie decided to move to Charlotte and are very happy with their decision.

When Dr. Budavich is not in the office, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Brie and dog Ramsey. He loves reading books by John Maxwell and learning how to become a better leader in his Charlotte community.

His core passion is to see people achieve their full potential, which he does by optimizing systems in the body using nutrition, chiropractic, and lifestyle changes. He genuinely sees improvement in the quality of life as more than just pain management.
Dr. Budavich is excited to partner with you at Synergy Holistic Health in Charlotte, NC.